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The Brownstones at Town Center
offer the convenience of city living
with the peacefulness of Highlands Ranch suburbs.
~ Important Insurance Information ~
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~ Neighborhood News ~
Tornado Action Plan
Posted on Dec 10th, 2014 Comments (0)
Rental Cap Vote
Posted on Oct 1st, 2014 Comments (0)

The amendment to limit rentals at the Brownstones did NOT pass.
This amendment would have restricted the number of Owner’s allowed to lease, rent or allow non-owner occupants to reside at their Condominium unit. The required number of affirmative votes to amend the governing documents is 67% of the total number of homes in the Association. Therefore, in order for the First Amendment to be approved, owners representing at least 241 condominium units needed to vote IN FAVOR. The actual vote count of certified ballots was 105 in favor; and 87 against.
Posted on Feb 7th, 2014 Comments (0)
Coyotes have been seen within the Brownstones neighborhood. Several residents have reported seeing the coyotes during the day as well as in the evening.  Please be aware of your surroundings when out and about during the evenings especially if you are walking your dogs.  Check out the link below for information on living with coyotes.
Posted on Mar 8th, 2013 Comments (0)

The Board would like to inform the residents of Brownstones that rabbits can damage vehicles parked on the streets.  The rabbits go under the cars in the winter time for the warmth and for the shade in the summer. Rabbits are known to chew  wires under the car’s engine. One of our BOD members has talked to someone who has had experience with this type of rabbit problem and offers these three solutions:
1. After you come home go out and lift the hood to cool the engine making the environment unfavorable for the rabbit.
2.  Coyote urine sprayed on the tires will deter the rabbits from the car. Coyote urine can be purchased at local home improvement stores.
3. Place moth balls in a sock and hang in the engine compartment. Be sure you hang the sock in a place that does not interfere with the operation of the engine.
So please check under the hood and underneath your cars parked on the streets for rabbits. Damage can happen quickly and hopefully you will catch the rabbits before any damage occurs.
Ice Melt
Posted on Jan 2nd, 2013 Comments (0)
The HOA wanted to share an option for ice melt that is less harmful on the grass and concrete.  With all of the recent concrete work, please be cautious when using ice melt!  The suggested ice melt is Peladow.  A link to the product is:

~ Insurance Request ~
Proof of Insurance: If your mortgage lender is requesting a new or updated Certificate of Insurance you can find a generic one under the 'forms' section of the website Insurance Click here.   
If your lender is requiring your home address be specified or their name be on the certificate please contact our Agent at Moody Insurance for a customized Certificate of Insurance:
Amanda Martie
Commercial Lines Account Administrator  

~ Pet Care ~
Please be sure to be respectful of the common area property when dealing with pets. 
Picking up after your pet waste is imperative in keeping the community looking beautiful and usable by all residents.  There are many waste stations around the community for your convenience! 
Also, keeping your pet on a leash is not only a Brownstones rule but a Douglas County rule.  Allowing pets to run freely is an HOA rule violation and may result in a fine.
We thank you for your attention to these matters as it makes the community a great place for all residents!

~ Upcoming Meetings ~
The next BOD meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 22, 2014, 6:30pm at the Westridge rececreation Center.
All homeowners are welcome to attend all BOD meetings.

~ Board of Directors ~
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~ Property Manager ~
We would like to welcome Lynne Kraft as the new Property Manager for Brownstones at Town Center.
Lynne's office is located at the Eastridge Recreation Center, 9568 University Blvd, Highlands Ranch, CO  80126.
Phone- 720-348-8262

~ Call Service ~
If you experience an emergency and you cannot reach Lynne at 720-348-8262 please contact our call service at 303-591-9027.  Once you have contacted this number the dispatcher will assign the problem as needed.  The service will contact Lynne and a solution will be acted upon according to the emergency.

~ FYI ~
Douglas County Sheriff is encouraging all Douglas County residents to sign up for the emergency notification system.  Please take the time to sign up and receive notification for police activity in the area, Amber alerts, wildfires, etc.  This will not send notices for weather alerts.  If you have previously signed up for an alert, please visit the below website and re-enter your information.

For more information about this new system, visit

~ Parking ~
Parking in alleys leading to garages or behind any garage is prohibited. The area in the alleyway behind your garage is not considered a valid parking spot.  The alley needs to be clear for emergency vehicles, snow removal, other vehicles entering their garage, etc.  
Also, please observe the no parking signs within the community, the HOA will have cars towed from no parking zones.  
All residents should park their cars in their garage.  If you must park on the street from time to time, be respectful of your neighbors and park directly in front of your own residence.

~ Trash Service ~
Your HOA trash provider is Alpine Waste, your trash pick up day is Thursday with recylce every other Thursday. Below is the recycle calendar link.
2014 Recycle Calendar: Recycle weeks are "unshaded."

Thank you to all the homeowners who take advantage of our re-cycling program.  Alpine Waste prepares a very interesting recap of how our community compares to other HOA’s.  Also in the report are details on the environmental impact in the savings in terms of oil conservation, savings of trees, emissions, etcNovember 2014 Report.   
If you have any questions or concerns please contact Lynne Kraft at 720-348-8262 or email

~ Projects ~
Replacement of window wells in courtyard units will begin this February, 2015.  If you have a courtyard unit and have not registered on the Brownstones website please do so as soon as possible or contact the property manager. Access to your property will be needed to complete the window well installation.


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